MSI Investigations

Mortgage Securitization Investigations

You’ve heard of CSI (Crime Scene Investigation)?  Well, you should know about a new type of investigation called a MSI (Mortgage Securitization Investigation).

Well actually it is just another phrase that we have decided to coin and copyright as a way to get people to better understand just how powerful a well done Securitization Investigation can be for the defense of your property before, during or after a Foreclosure.

One of the things banks hate most is a Securitization Investigation, as it blatantly exposes their fraud. If banks hate it, then we love it.

Just like in a CSI where the investigator extract fingerprints, DNA and other incriminating evidence, a Securitization auditor collects and disseminates incriminating evidence concerning your mortgage using documents that have been filed and recorded concerning that mortgage, analyzing signatures, dates, time stamps and a myriad of other items to find fraud that has been conducted by your lender, as well as items of information that should have been disclosed to you during your loan about your loan.

A securitization investigation  is an investigation  done by a third party researcher who scours through EDGAR (the SEC’s database for all public placements) looking to find proof that your loan was securitized. And under some circumstances a well trained auditor can actually pinpoint the actual location of your loan among tens of thousands of investments. This is tedious and grueling work, as they have to literally find a needle in a haystack of a few thousand loans.

What an investigation would provide you at the end of a securitization investigation  is a multi page document and an affidavit that is admissible in court as evidence. The document will show whether your loan was securitized and in some circumstance what pool your loan is in, or what Remic it belongs to.


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