SRI, is a recognized mortgage investigation firm that specializes in investigating every aspect of your mortgage from the initial application to your current status.  We investigate any laws that may have been broken.  We investigate predatory loans to verify if securitization and foreclosure fraud.  In most cases SRI can prove that the lender or mortgage servicer lacks the legal standing to negotiate a modification or threaten you with foreclosure.  SRI has the ability to show fraud committed by the lender’s attorney and the parties to the foreclosure process.

We conduct legal research into securities laws, foreclosure process investigation, bankruptcy and taxation laws. We use our finding to present a wrongful foreclosure action against the perpitrators.  


We are a diverse and unaffiliated group of legal researchers, analyst, investigators and attorneys.

We use subpoenas, lawsuits, discovery and many more strategies to get the bank’s attention and let them know that you mean business.

We are not lawyers and are legal researchers and foreclosure fraud research the laws, investigate the parties of the loan and foreclosure process, and drafting of  complaints in federal district courts or bankruptcy courts. 

What brings us together is our common devotion to you, the consumer. We recognize that living well in America has become increasingly more difficult for the average consumer-a group which is commonly known as the “middle class”.

Typically the roadblocks to financial freedom and stability have proliferated and include rising interest rates, predatory loans, ARM mortgages, inaccurate credit reports, obnoxious and unethical debt collectors and “easy credit: We are here to help educate and guide you through the roadblocks.